Monday, November 12, 2012

MONDAY Musings

Good morning!

Even though it was a crisp 45* here in the Ozarks this morning, the sunshine lends promise to the start of a great week... and so did my scales.

A week ago I weighed my heaviest EVER! I was soooo not happy. I clocked in at 189.  Umm NO! NOT an option.

So when Bob left on Tuesday, I kicked right in to eating the way I always do when he's gone and I lost 3 pounds. I'm now back to 186. That's a long way from where I want to be but it does solidify in my mind I CAN DO THIS! And so can you.

I went 'window' shopping in a western store the other day. First off, I have a major interview coming up in three weeks with a prominent entertainer. The current wardrobe options will have to suffice. I'm thinking dress Jeans and a nice blouse will work.

But at some point I want to get to Texas... the heart and soul of my freelance business. I'll need something business-casual befitting a journalist mixing and mingling with artists, producers and club owners. Jeans and pretty blouses are only going to get me so far.

As I had not one but three sales ladies helping me pick out a wardrobe I'd already warned them I wasn't buying... yet, I realized something very important. Although I don't think I'm an ugly duckling in this pond, I know I want to dress better. That requires losing the weight, toning up and ultimately being able to enjoy my resurrected career.

A walk through Dillards drooling over my favorite designer's new handbags didn't help. :-) A girl has to accessorize!

And the journey continues...

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