Thursday, November 1, 2012


For those of you who've not checked out my profile and see that I have other blogs besides this one, I have another blog called the Cauldron Cafe. I am an earth-practicing Witch. I am of Celtic descent so it stands to reason.

Samhain - you know it as Halloween - is our New Year. It marks the end of the growing season, everything going to rest for the Winter and preparing for rebirth in the Spring. The new year is also a time for us to look back on the past year, count our blessings, and say goodbye to another year of trial/ error/ achievements. Once that is done, we look ahead to the coming year. We search our hearts for what we'd like to achieve in the coming months, make our requests and begin the process with earnest.

So here I am.

Though I'm not sure how, I've managed to gain 10 pounds back! WTH is that all about?! So with the new year, and a new promise it is even more important that I not just try but DO what needs to be done to SUCCEED at my GOAL.

I'm spending some time today determining what I really want this blog to showcase. I think it should be more about my journey than just pounds gained/ lost and workout routine - though those things are important to share as well.

I had plans for what I wanted to do here but just not enough hours in the day- especially as my freelance business has begun picking up steam.

So all I can say is, with Cher and her determination always at the forefront of my mind, here I go.

And this time...


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