Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I'm a bit behind today. By the time I got finished with McAfee tech support doing  CPR on my computer I didn't want to look at this laptop the rest of the day.

So, instead of the new casserole recipe I want to work on, I'm testing a new-to-me product... Vegi Pasta by Barilla

According to their website, Barilla Vegi pasta provides one full serving of vegetables per 3.5oz portion*. Made with purée obtained from real vegetables

I'm always looking for more ways to get vegetables on Bob's plate and he loves pasta. You'd think he had Italian in his ancestary instead of German.

I'm still on the hunt for proteins I can eat easily. Frozen meals while not the healthiest also work best for me right now. Saturday night I picked up a couple of things from the grocery store freezer section, one of which:

First off, I can eat these! I ate 4 for lunch yesterday... nothing else, just devoured protein. So with two left, I decided to try a serving of the vegi pasta to with them. 

The verdict - I can't taste vegetables in the pasta at all. Healthier pasta without being made exclusively from spiral cut zuccini. 

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