Monday, September 26, 2016



Happy Birthday to me! I am officially 55 years young. Does not seem possible. To make this day even more special my darling daughter is 33. Again - where have the years gone?  Happy Birthday, Sue

Time moves forward whether we are ready or not. We do not have control over 'time'... but we do have control over what we do with the time we have. My daughter and I discussed this in form Saturday following the shooting at the mall just outside Seattle on Friday night. She sometimes shops at that mall.  The old saying 'a miss as good as a mile' does not comfort me at this point.

As I grow older I am more aware of how important taking care of 'me' is. So each day, I'm trying to do better. As you can see, the scale has not moved. Hmmm  However, I am wearing size 16 jeans with darts making them essentially a 14 that still required wearing a belt yesterday.  I am so use to not wearing pants with fastenings that after undoing the belt yesterday, I simply pulled my jeans down to use the restroom... and they slid right down! I see a week of testing out every pair of pants in my closet. Most everything is still piled on the bed from a closet organization that began a month ago. I've just been busy with business and not gotten back in there. That is my project for this week.

I also have a recipe for you on Wednesday. And talking about how the denture process has changed not only how I eat but what I eat and changes in flavor profiles.

Until Wednesday, Enjoy the Journey!

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