Friday, September 23, 2016

WEEKLY RECAP - Week of September 19

Today is the first full day of autumn 2016. And our high temp should reach into the low 90s. Hmmm

Yesterday, I was out of sorts. Not sure what was wrong except maybe my sugar was out of wack due to not enough protein. Since we bought a whole hog earlier this year I have an abundance of pork, as in that is almost all that is in the meat freezer. Except for my yearly purchase of lobster tails and the sweet potatoes I froze last year. I'm tired of pork. I also need to clean out the upstairs freezer before I can purchase bulk beef. Something I need to do in the next week or so. 

Otherwise, this has been a good week. I did get almost 9,000 steps in on Wednesday while going back and forth from the dining room table to the printer in my office putting my blog planner together. And I did a serious house cleaning on Tuesday. 

 As the temps start to cool down (and the weatherman says those temperatures are coming) I will be doing more work outside, burning calories as I pull weeds, mulch new beds for next spring and give the garden shed a major clean-out. I know for a fact I have a nice-sized lizard, a Black snake and a Garter snake. 

So that's been my week. How was yours?
Whatever your plans are for the weekend, Enjoy the Journey!

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