Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm not going to do a long post today. Just a quick note to Weigh In and let you know things are finally settling down around here. I just might be able to get on the right blogging path.

Though the process is going to take some time as I am also settling into a new job with my publisher as Director of Marketing.  The new job means I'll be scaling back things for awhile.  For now, I will only post on Monday and Friday. I want to bring the Recipe Wednesday back in later in the year, but for now I have to focus on getting footing with the new job.

So.. Today's Weigh In

I can live with that number as it is six  pounds less than this day last year. As you know, I went back up to 189 at one point before I was able to work my way back down.  But 2017 is a new year and a clean scale.

I'm not going to jump onto the resolution bandwagon. Instead, I have hit the RESET button on my entire life. Some things will change this year... just going to take time.

Have you set any resolutions? They say that when you put them in writing, or profess them publicly you have a better chance of staying the course. So post your resolutions here and let's support one another! 

Enjoy the Journey!

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