Monday, January 9, 2017



Just a quick check in. I'm down two pounds from last week. I've not really done anything different other than not leaving the house but one twice since the last post.

Why is it, regardless of how careful you are when eating out, they affects still show on the scale? 

With bad weather in the forecast for the weekend, I'll be eating out one time this week when I go after supplies. But in turn, I'll burn off the calories hauling in firewood. We'll see how things turn out next week.

I meant to get more posts on the blog this week but someone hacked my main google account over the weekend and put me way behind. Now I have to focus on the day job this week. On the plus side, the boss has said no more 80 hour weeks and has set a work schedule for us. That means when I shut down on Friday, the weekend is mine. Yay!

Here's hoping your week is a positive one.
Enjoy the Journey!

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