Monday, January 16, 2017



Stupid scales! Okay, maybe not the scales fault. CRAVING! I had a craving for chocolate frosting. Soft, creamy, chocolaty goodness. So I invested in a dozen MINI cupcakes. So eating two is only like eating a 1/2 of a cupcake.  Who knew that over the course of a week, EIGHT of these (mind you, that's 4 regular cupcakes) could be so damaging!

Here's the culprit:

So the remaining 2 cupcakes went in the garbage today and I am back to a routine of one cup of fluffy then the rest water. If I get all my water in, then a small cup of cocoa while I relax with the dog in the evening. 

I've teamed up with a 'Daily' planner group on FB. We encourage each other to drink our water in every day, including various ways to get the water in by drinking so much as soon as we wake up, specific amount of ounces before lunch, that kind of thing. I just fill my 2-qt glass pitcher at night before I go to bed so I have cold water to drink throughout the next day. I also have water bottle tracker stickers in my planner. I've not used the planner much this week as I've not been 'working' but that kicks in again tomorrow. 

So after several weeks of putting the studio in order, stocking in supplies and fire wood for a cold snap, I am ready to build a normal work-day routine again. Bob is gone for another week so I have time to put my schedule in place before he comes home and the go go go begins. :-D

So you know my nemesis is chocolate. What's yours? What is that one food you crave, that probably isn't the best choice? I'd love to hear.

Up, down, or somewhere in between. Whatver course you take,....

Enjoy the Journey

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