Monday, January 30, 2017



As you can see, I'm down a pound from last week.

Bob came home on Wednesday night and we did our weigh-in on Thursday. I hadn't changed from the initial (even though I fluctuated 2 pounds the whole time he was gone!) He went up 2 pounds. So with no loss for either of us, the next time he goes out will be worth $200.  As it looks right now he won't be going back out until early March. 

I didn't get the impression for my permanents. The top gum area is still shrinking. Maybe in February.  In the mean time, I'm trying to use them more. Some foods are still an issue. I could probably eat some of them if I chewed with my mouth partially open but I've always thought that to be really gross... since about the 2nd grade. I keep trying new foods.

We went to Colton's yesterday and I tried a salad. If I could have chewed with my mouth open, I might have been able to make it work but trying to eat with my mouth closed, I couldn't get the lettuce positioned correctly and I kept trying NOT to strangle on it. When I explained to the manager (via typing a note on my phone as I was still trying not to choke) my issue she was kind enough to swap it for a different side option of my choice... that I could eat. 

And so the Journey continues... 

Enjoy YOUR Journey!

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