Monday, May 15, 2017

WEIGH IN 5-15-17


Just a quick post this morning to shout from the roof tops that I got back down to my 176 in  just one week. I really didn't expect this. I had a couple of days in a row where I craved carbonation and and drank cokes. I did keep my water going in got in tons of steps. A couple of days I clocked over 13,000 steps.

Not sure what this week holds. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Bob is still home. He's been home long enough to file for unemployment. Heavy rains have swollen the rivers to the point where boats just are not moving. And I see now on the weather channel MO and Chicago are both looking at more rain for the week. 

I have a ton of work to get done this week. Only three weeks left before my granddaughters arrive. Once they're here, my time is 90% about them. Lots of activity so steps while they're here should be easy peasy. LOL

What's on your week? Please share. 
Enjoy the Journey!

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