Monday, May 1, 2017

Weigh In

I apologize for lack of scales image this week. I'm typing this up on Sunday night at the hotel. I didn't bring any flashdrives with me as I did not intend to be working. Thought we would be home today. Unfortunately, heavy thunderstorms and 7+" of rain has closed our road. We hope to get home tomorrow.

Since I'm not sure what will be waiting for us when we get home, I wanted to get a quick post up.

Here's what I'm going with:


Since we have been in Springfield since Friday afternoon I'm pretty confident there isn't a weight loss. However, I've eaten mostly protein. Though I did have a Max Roast Beef with lettuce and tomato (no fries) at Arby's yesterday. I'd not been able to eat one since July 2016. Quite a treat!  Today has been all about protein... almost no carbs. Though since we ate 'dinner' around 3 p.m. I'm thinking there is a PB & J in my future before bedtime.

Today we will be home and hopefully not have a big mess to clean up. My poor doggies have probably been swimming in their pens LOL though I don't think we got the amount of rain that West Plains (south of us about 45 miles but in the bordering country) received. They got so much rain, they had to shut off power to the entire town because one of the sub-stations was in danger of flooding. Just scary. 

I would rather have been home for this weather, but if I had to be anywhere else, here at the Comfort Suites on Glenstone is my second home. They treat me like family and you might remember, took good care of me when I had my teeth pulled. So Bob and I've kicked back, relaxed, watched tv, played cards and spent time in the pool and hot tub. Probably our last vacation for a little while. 

Whatever your week brings...
Enjoy the Journey!

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