Monday, June 12, 2017

WEIGH IN 6-12-17


Things have been a bit crazy here.  The week after I posted last, I came down with a serious virus. All I had was a high fever and chills but the danged stuff hung around for FOUR DAYS! I body ached from trying to stave off the tremors. I spent most of my time either in the bubble tub trying to relax my muscles and cool down or in bed, tucked in like a chrysalis. I drank tons of ice water but didn't even want food. I wanted to cool down and sleep. 

I lost 5 pounds and have kept it off while still eating normally. I guess this is my new plateau - and the lowest I've been in over 15 years!!! I'm hoping as I stay active with the girls this summer, I should hit my 165 by October without a problem. 

The girls are here. I picked them up from the airport last Wednesday. They are here until the end of August. I hope to check in at least on Mondays then try to get back to normal posting routine by first of September... But that isn't ruling out other posts here and there. 

Enjoy the Journey!

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