Monday, June 19, 2017

WEIGH IN 6-19-17


As you can see, I'm up a pound this week. Not surprised as the girls and I find a routine. I'm eating things I shouldn't because the things I eat, they won't. I miss the days when my oldest granddaughter would eat pretty much whatever I did. The youngest is beyond picky. A typical 5-year old, you can't reason with her that sausage is sausage, regardless of the shape. ie she'll eat links but she doesn't like patties. :-D

We're learning compromises. 

Now that the girls are acquainted with their new surroundings, this week we start an actual routine... one that I integrate with my existing schedule.

Mondays are  my day to deep clean the bedroom/ laundry room/ bathroom. So I already have the beds stripped and the first round of blankets on the line, sheets will be next. We've all had breakfast and they are dressed. Now they are happily occupying themselves while I get a couple of blog posts up then get 'people can see me' clothes.

Mondays also become our library day. Adrian needs to be reading closer to her 4th grade level by the time school starts. Abby needs brushing up on things though she is super smart. She loves to add simple numbers, can spell some words and can almost count to 20. Did I mention she's only 5.5?

So as we embark on this new weekly routine, I'm going to pop my vitamin B, get dressed and have a 'summer school' conference with my new students

Enjoy the Journey!

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