Monday, June 26, 2017

WEIGH IN - 6-26-17


No weight loss last week... but no gain either. I can take that all considered. Before I tell you about my week, I thought I'd let you know that Bob came home on Wednesday. We weighed in on Thursday morning for our challenge. Both of us had lost four pounds!  I am so proud of Bob. We probably should have split the pot but we are taking the gamble. Since we evened out, leaving no 'winner', we are padding the kitty next time he goes out. The weight loss challenge will be worth $200. Now all we have to do is try to maintain or lose from where we are until then. 

I have a good range of self control - well, unless sea food is involved. Do you know how many calories are in PLAIN seafood? I'm not talking dipped in clarified butter or served with a creamy sauce... just plain. 50 calories in THREE MEDIUM shrimp! yowza!

Why do I mention seafood? We took the girls to Springfield for a couple of days. Adrian (9) loves seafood almost as much as me. Okay, maybe as much as me but either one of two things happen. She has more self control than I do or she gets tired of cleaning out the shells. Maybe both. We started out going to Hemmingway's Blue Water Cafe in Bass Pro on Thursday night. with buffet, the all you can eat snow crab for adults is $35.95 and for children $19.95. Pricey? Yes. But this is our treat night and we do less expensive meals the rest of the time. The other thing is that while we can get the same thing at the Chinese buffet on Friday and Saturday night for only $11.95, there you are hoping to get a 1/2 pound on your plate if someone ahead of you in line hasn't tried to pile as many on his/ her plate as possible. I swear, the majority of people do not know how to share with others. it's ME ME ME. You literally have to be a vultcher standing over the pan waiting for them to bring out a new batch -which they do about every 30 minutes.  At Hemminway's they bring them to your table in a galvanized bucket about 4-6 knuckles at a time depending on whether or not they are for a single person or two - as was our case. Adrian helped me eat the first two buckets, I ate an entire third and part of a fourth. Hey, it's crab legs - don't judge me! LOL  And I ate most of them without the clarified butter.

Friday was Golden Corral where we met up with my sister and nephew so they could see the girls. There, I'm all about the protein. Chewing salads unless they are a spring mix doesn't make for an enjoyable experience so while they have an awesome salad bar, I'll stick to Ruby Tuesday's for that one. Dinner that night was Crab legs so that the 5 year old could enjoy some. She likes them too but I'm pretty sure not $20 worth :-)

Saturday we walked most of the day around Dickerson Park Zoo. You would think there would be LOTS of steps involved when in reality, walking the entire park including from the parking lot and back barely racked up 6500 steps! At least there were some shallow inclines and stairs involved. Then back to Golden Corral before we headed home. Why GC so often? One, they have a taco bar and macaroni and cheese - two things I know the picky 5 year old Abby will eat. Hard to pay for something not knowing whether or not she will eat - and wind up not having enough to eat. 

Amongst the eating there was lots of time in the chilly pool. Lots of splashing and swimming for all.

As I type this, I should be out working in the yard. The temps today are to only be int he 70s with very low humidity and cloud cover. Perfect gardening weather. But I'm going to have to see how my back does. Right now, sitting here at the desk isn't even comfortable. I'm sure the dampness has a lot to do with it as we had some rain this morning and should have heavier stuff moving in about three this afternoon. 

The week ahead will be relatively tame. The girls will get some outside time catching lightening bugs and star gazing. I have some things to get done in the garden and we have one day to go to Menards for play sand. Adrian will probably live in her sandbox from that point on. LOL But that's okay. even on the hottest of days, the sandbox is under the dogwood tree where the temps are at least 20* cooler. 

Wow... that's a lot for you to read today. LOL I guess I should move on to my other blogs before the rest of the house comes alive. 

Whatever your week holds, Enjoy the Journey!

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