Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Plan - Week 6

Yeah, I know I skipped Week 5. The week happened - including Bob's final week home and a 2-night stay in Springfield where we shopped and over-indulged in food. The scales showed the results last Monday at 189.

As Bob left for work last Tuesday, we began another round of 'who can lose the most in three weeks?' challenge. Winner gets an extra $50. This will be my last opportunity to pocket spending cash for my first trip to Texas.

But more important than that are basic health facts. 1) my knees are complaining when I go up and down the stairs 2) my back isn't wanting to completely recover from that pinched nerve 3) skin issues on my inner thigh aggravated from constant rubbing together. I HAVE to get the weight under control.

I find this easier to do when Bob is not home. I was raised that as a wife, I am suppose to cook for and take care of my husband. A bit of a challenge when we eat differently... aka I will eat a wide variety of vegetables whereas he limits himself to 3 - canned peas, canned green beans, and occasional corn.

When Bob is gone I do a lot of stir-fry combinations with more vegetables in the wok than anything. The Protein is more for flavor than anything. This style of eating helps insure that I am getting my vegies in. I also like to add chunk pineapple to the wok which gives me a fruit.

Meat Lovers Breakfast Bowl

I have discovered when I am home alone, I will get busy on the computer and not think about food until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. To combat this I make sure I have Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers breakfast bowls or IHop breakfast sandwiches in the freezer. They are quick and I can eat them at my desk. For the IHop sandwiches, the flatbread with applewood smoked bacon is my favorite.

I have a yogurt mid morning then by 1 p.m. I am ready for a more substantial meal while I watch the recorded news.
Since Bob’s been gone, I’ve lost 2 pounds.


Enjoy the Journey

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