Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RECIPE WEDNESDAY - Sweet & Sour/ Teriyaki Chicken

This looks really good... and an idea of what my plate will look like tomorrow when I go to my favorite Chinese place. Though more vegetables and a lot less noodles. I've discovered I really like rice noodles.

I found a recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken on Iheartnaptime  The recipe turned out great. Her recipe was spot on, which I often times not the case. No tweaking needed here. I made it first with her Sweet and Sour recipe but added some chunked pineapple. The next time I made it using Teriyaki Glaze instead and was also very good.

The only thing - and this is just based on individual oven, I think. I did not have to bake mine as long. As you can see from the 'baked' picture, they are quite dark. Over-baking them will dry them out so something to watch.

After frying. 

After baking/ glazing

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