Friday, May 21, 2010

Another rough night

At least I didn't share the hide a bed with the granddaughter. With a pop-up storm (no rain just lots of light and noise) I spent the night in the recliner and slept in. I did get on the treadmill first thing before the day got crazy. The first full day Bob is home off the boat is always nuts. It actually turned out rather calm. I even got a nap. Here's the stats:

30 min/ 1.18 mi/ 207 cal/ 2.6 peak

I got a bit more done on the mileage because I failed to switch to cool down until the final two minutes instead of the last five minutes. It felt good but I knew the cool-down of 1.5mph was important.

I've been at this 5 straight days and it feels AWESOME!

Enjoying the Journey

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