Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oreos are EVIL!

If nothing else this post will show I am human. LOL

I seldom buy cookies or candy. Candy treats are reserved for National Novel Writing Month ( and cookies are just something I don't eat a lot of... not even during the holidays when I bake TONS for gift boxes. But one cookie is a weakness. OREOS .

I've been drinking a lot of milk lately so when I saw Oreos on sale at the store last week, I bought a package. BIG MISTAKE. As of Wednesday I was at 179 pounds. Now keep in mind I have not even eaten half of the package yet 2 pounds found their way back to my waist. Ugh!

This morning the oreos have found a home in the freezer until I KNOW I can use them as a treat, not an indulgence.

Now.. Back on track and
Enjoying the Journey

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